Zooming in on the user experience



The benefits of good UX Design and Usability are many and the ROI is high. However, designing excellent customer experiences is not an easy task and user testing has become a critical aspect of User Centered-Design and Software Development. That’s why we’ve developed a feature-rich, cost-effective SaaS (Software as a Service) solution for online UX research and testing. It’s used by highly demanding UX Professionals and Online Marketers around the world.

5 things to know about us:

1. Our pitch

We offer an all-in-one, feature-rich Online Research Platform for User Experience and Customer Experience Professionals at mid to large companies. We help zoom in on the UX of both websites and mobile apps, providing unique data that leads to better design and, ultimately, increased ROI.

2. All-in-One – what does that mean?

Yes, our platform is like a Swiss Army Knife for Online UX Research. If you look at our research capabilities and features, we can confidently say that we offer the most versatile and comprehensive on-demand solution for User Experience research in the market.

3. Mad about UX.

What this actually means is that we’re focused. We carefully select the research capabilities and features we build with one goal in mind: Help our customers better understand online behavior and measure quality of the online experience.

4. Mad about Customer Service.

Yes, we’re mostly a software company, but we really understand this is a people’s business. Our customers often need help and we go the extra mile to help them be productive and successful. In other words, at UZ Customer Service is as important as features and a huge part of our brand value proposition.

5. Since when and where?

In business since 2001, have offices in Silicon Valley (CA), Barcelona (Spain), Manchester (UK) and Munich (Germany)


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