Open Hallway

Simple Usability Testing


Open Hallway

OpenHallway is a completely web-based simple usability testing tool. You can create your tests in any browser (Mac or PC) and your testers can take the test in any browser (Mac or PC). We enable true remote usability testing.




  • Record users from anywhere – remotely or locally.
  • Share video results with your clients or team members.
  • Completely web-based. No software for you or your test participants to install.
  • Unlimited projects and test scenarios (within your storage limit).


How it works


  1. Create a scenario with your instructions and the website you want to test. Then share the OpenHallway recording link with your participants.
  2. Participants click on the recording link and follow your instructions. Their screen and voice are recorded, and the recording is uploaded to your account.
  3. Watch the recorded session anytime, anywhere.


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