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This blog, by Michael Angeles,  is about News, resources, and tools for interface designers. While this site may be used for the purpose of stealing or copying others’ ideas, I implore you, dear reader, not to. There is a difference between being influenced and merely copying. My original intent here was to begin to compare innovative design solutions against conventional ones, with the goal of merely acquainting you with the creators of these user experiences. I hope this site succeeds in providing that perspective, but only time will tell if I am able to do that.

My goal in all of this is to prove the point that design patterns are nice, but innovation for the sake of improving contextual experience is better. This site is also about demonstrating the idea that not only is it our job to give users what they expect and think they want, but more importantly it is to give them what they need and might not be able to express. I think some of the examples I showcase here do that exceptionally well.


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