Killer UX Design by Jodie Miller

A beginner's guide to UX Design


Killer UX Design by Jodie Miller

If you want to know how to apply a UX process to your projects, but are unsure quite where to start—this book is for you.Our aim is to present UX design in a fun, practical, and non-academic way, so that the concepts are accessible and can be tried out immediately. In this regard, this book is for newcomers to the UX space rather than seasoned professionals. However, those with a UX background and some experience might be interested to see how we approached design problems.

Jodie Moule is co-founder and director of Symplicit, an experience design consultancy based in Australia that focuses on research, strategy, and design services. With a background in psychology, her understanding of human behavior is central to helping businesses see their brands through the eyes of customers, to influence the way they approach the design of their products, systems, and processes.


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