How Do Users Really Hold Mobile Devices?

An article about mobile devices and human behavior


How Do Users Really Hold Mobile Devices?

How Do Users Really Hold Mobile Devices? by Steven Hoober, published on UX Matters.

When you purchase your smart phone, I’m almost positive that the last thing you are thinking about is the best way to hold it in your hand or how the person next to you holds their mobile phone. It comes intuitively, which is the beautiful things about mobile user behavior. When delving into this topic further, it becomes clear that mobile device and UI designers are, in fact, pretty awesome people. Steven Hoober, an author that I’ve grown to become very fond of, has introduced the topic of how users hold mobile devices. He discusses a study he carried out on the way people naturally hold and interact with their mobile devices and found some intriguing data. How can this data affect the way movile UI designers produce in the future?


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