Simple, easy, enterprise-grade online card sorting - for everyone making websites and apps.



Card sorting is a user research technique to determine how your users would organize a collection of items.

ConceptCodify  allows you to cover your users’ thoughts with the easiest online card sorting tool.


  • Invite participants with a simple URL. They don’t need to make another account!
  • Keep track of your participants easily with custom tags.
  • Use your logo, colors, and font to improve participant trust.
  • Download your data at any time. No restrictions!
  • No arbitary limits on number of cards or participants.
  • Conduct studies whenever you want with no pay-per-month account sign up.
  • No surprises! Upfront and clear: pay-per-use (and currently free!).
  • Conduct your study in any language with full unicode support.
  • No Flash or Java, all native web technologies.
  • Secure and reliable. We take your privacy seriously.


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