• Infragistics


    As experts in technology and design, Infragistics is passionate about helping you build highly performant and stylish applications that solve problems, deliver inspiration, and maximize results. With our leading-edge Software, Services and Support, let us give you the UI and UX solutions that bring your vision to light.

  • iRise


    iRise takes your mobile and web applications beyond prototypes, wireframes and mockups, creating interactive simulations so you can test drive before code.

  • CogTool


    CogTool is a general purpose UI prototyping tool with a difference - it automatically evaluates your design with a predictive human performance model (a "cognitive crash dummy").

  • Lumzy


    Lumzy is a quick mockup and prototyping tool for websites and applications. By "mockup", we mean a quick sketch that gives an idea of what the site or application you are planning to build will look like. When we say "prototype", we're referring to something functional, and with Lumzy we're NOT talking about simply page-linking, we're talking about functional prototypes.

  • UXPin


    UXPin is built from the ground up on solid UX design principles and a collaborative methodology, offering you a full toolkit of good user design patterns and elements to build great designs in concert.

  • Pidoco


    Pidoco is a web-based prototyping software for rapidly creating clickable wireframes and UI prototypes for web, mobile and enterprise applications. It’s easy to use with smart sharing and collaboration features, a convenient usability testing module and much more.

  • Patternry


    Patternry is a front-end resource builder for designers, developers and everyone else involved in software design. You can use it to build styleguides, design pattern libraries, complete front-end resources or anything in between.

  • Naview


    Naview is an online service that allows you to design and build navigation prototypes and test navigation usability with your users. Naview is made for user experience and information architects, business analysts and web designers who design large website structures.

  • Justinmind


    A powerful wireframe software to wireframe dynamic apps or applications for iPhone without coding.

  • iPlotz


    With iPlotz you can create clickable, navigable wireframes to create the experience of a real website or software application. You can also invite others to comment on the designs, and once ready, you can then manage the tasks for developers and designers to build the project.

  • Adobe Fireworks

    Adobe Fireworks

    Adobe® Fireworks® CS6 helps you create beautiful designs for websites and mobile apps in a snap – without writing code. Deliver vector graphics and bitmap images, mock-ups, 3D graphics, and interactive content for popular tablets and smartphones. Available in Adobe Creative Cloud™

  • Axure RP

    Axure RP

    Axure RP gives you the wireframing, prototyping and specification tools needed to make informed design choices, persuade any skeptics, get your design built to spec... and maybe win a few fans along the way.