• LiveChat Inc.

    LiveChat Inc.

    LiveChat is a real-time, live-chat software tool for ecommerce sales and support that is helping ecommerce companies create a new sales channel

  • Olark


    Live chat and real-time monitoring of your website visitors so you can sell better and provide excellent support.

  • SnapEngage


    SnapEngage is the easiest way to connect, communicate and ultimately convert your website visitors into friends.

  • Woopra


    Woopra is the leading real-time customer analytics service, providing solutions for sales, service, marketing and product teams. Woopra tracks over 200,000 websites, 15 Billion actions per month and over half a million visitors per minute.

  • Butterflive


    Butterflive uses an innovative click-stream-analysis algorithm to detect in real time which visitors to your site are the most promising leads.