• Catriona Cornett

    Catriona Cornett

    Catriona Cornett has a passion for creating useful, usable, and desirable products and services ...primarily in the areas of Design Strategy, Information Architecture, and Usability.

  • Crystal Ehrlich

    Crystal Ehrlich

    Crystal Ehrlich is a freelance User Experience (UX) designer with over 12 years of award-winning experience creating Web, application, Touchscreen POS and mobile products for consumer, enterprise and B2B.

  • Paul Olyslager

    Paul Olyslager

    Paul studied graphic design and interactive multimedia design and is very passionate about webdesign and photography. His blog is his online playground to share knowledge and ideas, to experience and discover new things and to "scribble down complete nonsense."

  • Jan Jursa

    Jan Jursa

    Jan Jursa works as an Information Architect for T-Systems Multimedia Solutions, one of the leading companies for web-based solutions in Germany., and has a large Twitter following.

  • Paul Boag

    Paul Boag

    Paul Boag describes himself as a "dad, blogger, author, speaker, christian, husband, entrepreneur, boss, geek, optimist, web designer, digital strategist and podcaster."